Boehnke bill would prohibit state agencies from selling Washingtonians’ personal data

Rep. Matt Boehnke, R-Kennewick, has introduced a bill to prevent state agencies from profiting from the sale of Washingtonians' personal data.

Under House Bill 1552, all state agencies would be prohibited from selling such data to third-party vendors, and would also be required to certify compliance with the state Office of Privacy and Data Protection on an annual basis. Furthermore, the bill would compel agencies to be more transparent with Washingtonians by disclosing the categories of personal data being collected, the data being shared with third parties, and the purposes for which the data is being shared.

Boehnke, who serves as the director and lead professor of the cybersecurity division at Columbia Basin College, says it's time for the state to end a practice that violates its obligation to respect and protect Washingtonians' personal property.

“Washington state should not be in the business of profiting from the sale of its citizens' personal data,” said Boehnke. “House Bill 1552 is designed to protect Washingtonians and restore their trust in state government, while also increasing transparency and accountability at our state agencies. If signed into law, this bill will signal to our citizens that we believe their data privacy is more important than profit. It's the right policy for our state, and I hope we can get it to the governor's desk this session.”

The 2021 remote legislative session is scheduled to adjourn April 25.


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